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Do you like what you see on MadBid? Let’s talk about a partnership

Do you want to become an Internet entrepreneur? Do you want to work from home or anywhere in the world? Do you want to replicate the MadBid.com auction model to another geographical region or start selling products from a certain market or trade area such as specific sporting goods (football gear), targeted fashion for women, or even intangible products or services? Alternatively, you may want to add another exciting auction component to your website?

Let us evaluate your idea and put it to work. The MadBid management team has 30 years of experience in different industries and functions (click here for more info). We can assist you in fulfilling your dream of starting your own Internet based auction business or adding an exciting auction component to your existing website.

To kick off such a platform you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have some solid business experience or a strong case proving the capacity to operate such a business
  2. Strong business network in the area of operation
  3. Be in a good financial situation

Contact us at partnerships@madbid.com and present your Business Plan so that we can evaluate your opportunity. All correspondence should include your full name, full address, telephone number and the opportunity description in order to guarantee a professional and transparent way of communication. At MadBid we honour your privacy and full confidentiality.

MadBid can provide you with an Internet based auction platform. It provides exciting ways for new or existing businesses to interact with their clients and generate new revenue streams. MadBid can provide you with a turn-key solution quickly and professionally with very advanced analytical tools helping you to make smarter business decisions in your day-to-day activities, tactically as well as strategically.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Juha Koski
MD at MadBid.com