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"MadBid is great. I got this amazing laptop for a fraction of the cost. I've been telling everyone about it."

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    " is great for the latest products and the delivery is really fast too, it's first class service without the shocking price tag"

    I could not believe I won the car, now that I see it I still cannot believe I won it, I have never had a car

    All our products are BRAND NEW and factory sealed with WARRANTY

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    • Buy credits* to bid on your favourite auctions
    • Wait for the timer to reach zero
    • If someone bids the timer restarts
    • If no one else bids, you're the winner!
    • If you don't win, you get your money back as Earned Discount
    *Cost of credits vary, cost of bidding varies, typically high value items require more credits to place 1 bid
    • Discounts up to 89% off RRP

    • Only BRAND NEW and SEALED products with manufacturer WARRANTY

    • FAST shipping from our UK warehouse

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    We cap the number of auctions our users can win to avoid having the same winners each time

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